"Have just picked up my tshirts from the post shop. Friggin awesome, they fit perfect and look great. My faves are the water fountain and Karori ones. Homesick now, thanks heaps will be recommending to my Welly mates over here. Thanks again friggin Owesome!"


To be honest I never set out to create a T-shirt business but a few years ago this idea popped into my head and T-shirts seemed like the perfect way for the concept to live and breathe and a great medium to celebrate this awesome little city we live in. I love this place apart from the wind which is why I took up sailing a few years ago to do something where the wind is finally, actually, unbelievably your friend. The sailing didn't last but it was fun to be one of those white specs on the harbour for a while. 

I have spent most of my life in the capital, growing up in Karori attending Karori Normal School and then onto Wellington College following a brief stint at Scots before heading to Welllington Polytechnic Design School. Me and my bro spent a lot of our youth exploring the bush that backed on to our parents house and around Wrights Hill occasionally breaking into the gun emplacements at the top with a photocopied map and torch. We also once got thrown out of the Karori Water Reservoir, now Zealandia, after making our way in there looking for disused gold mines.

Later I took up mountain biking and running and have peaked just about every summit there is. A couple of years ago I had an art exhibition called treadmarks inspired by the mountainous coastal areas surrounding Wellington which I used to run and peddle much more frequently. These were painted on large hessian canvases using rollers especially crafted to recreate the effect of tire tread. 

Having travelled far and wide overseas and flatted in various dwellings on the fringes of town I've ended up settling back in Karori with my Scottish wife, two kids and dog in a place not far from my childhood home at the edge of Zealandia. Hearing a chorus of Kiwis most evenings is no longer a novelty but still very cool and the pest-proof perimeter fence track is a great place to take the black lab for a run. Some friends give me grief for having not made it very far, but there's no place I'd rather be right now.

I currently work for myself as a freelance graphic designer and as the designer for, a business I co-founded a few years ago which makes creating an online shop like this one incredibly easy. I've got plenty more ideas in the pipeline for Very Well so stay tuned and pop back soon as this site is poised to evolve as I release more designs and products.

Enjoy taking a look around the shop and feel free to email me if you have any wacky WELL ideas that could slot into the range. To see some of my other design work and find out more about me, take a look at my main website.

Take care


"I bought the passionate one in 2013 for my Wellingtonian husband and he told me last week that it was his favourite t-shirt ever, so I thought I’d better get him some fresh ones!! I do look forward to giving them to him, thanks!"


"Thank you SO SO much. My dad was a sheet metal worker and builder of those fountains... while mum was in labour with me. I was born on the 2 October 1969 the same time as the bucket fountains were erected so they are very special to me. Since my dad passed 15 years ago, even more so, I now collect everything bucket fountain, THANK YOU SO MUCH, this really means a lot."


"A big SHOUT OUT to this T-shirt company! Tim and co did everything possible to get an order ready prior to my trip to Zambia :) My Friends there LOVE their shirts!!"


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